Cooperative Engineering Program: Missouri University of Science & Technology and Missouri State University


Missouri State University and the Missouri University of Science & Technology are proud to offer two engineering programs on the Missouri State University campus - Civil and Electrical Engineering. This is an ABET accredited Engineering Program. The Engineering Degrees will be granted from the Missouri University of Science and Technology in cooperation with Missouri State University.    

The Non-engineering courses in the program will be offered by Missouri State University, and the Engineering courses will be offered by the Missouri University of Science and Technology.  All of the courses will be taught on the Missouri State University campus.  Students wishing to pursue other Engineering Degrees can complete the Pre-engineering Program at Missouri State University before transferring to an engineering school to compete their chosen degree.

Enrollment Restriction:  The Cooperative Engineering Program was developed for students in the Springfield area.  Students must have residency in one of the following sixteen Missouri counties in order to enroll in the program:  Barry, Barton, Cedar, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Polk, Stone, Taney, Vernon or Webster.  Please click on the following link for details: Enrollment Restriction.

Part-Time/Evening Program:  A part-time/evening program is available for students in the Springfield area who wish to pursue an Engineering Degree on a part-time basis, taking classes in the late afternoons and evenings.  Please click on the following link for details: Part-Time/Evening Program.