CNAS Diversity Resources

Grants & Opportunities

Various federal and non-federal agencies support diversity in the science fields. Click the link above to see the many grants and other opportunities that exist in your chosen field and contact any member of the Diversity Committee below for more information.

Faculty Representation

  • Ryan Udan, BIO, Co-Chair
    Steven Senger, MTH, Co-Chair
    Adam Wanekaya, CHM
    Tony Clark, CSC
    Theresa Odun-Ayo, EGR
    Ron Malega, GGP
    Jokima Hiller, HL
    Paula Kemp, MTH
    Nandita Nag, PAMS

Student Representation

Brooke Davis, BIO
Evangelos Beardall, GGP
Hayley Hutson, MTH