CNAS College Committees

Assignments 2017-2018

Bull Shoals Field Station Committee

Charge – Works with the director of the station to oversee the budget and operations of the station. Makes recommendations to the dean for enhancements and reallocations. Annual report to dean.

Janice Greene, BIO, Chair / Cyren Rico, CHM / Bob Pavlowsky, GGP

CNAS Awards Committee

Charge – Review the policies and procedures for CNAS awards by October 1, 2017 and recommend any revisions to dean. Dean will seek input from heads, faculty advisory committee and personnel committee. After discussion with the CNAS Awards Committee, the dean will adopt a revised policy by November 1, 2017. Awards Committee will choose award winners in March of 2018 for the May 3 awards ceremony.

Debbie Corcoran, GGP / Mark Rogers, MTH / Brian High, CHM, Chair / Albert Barreda, HL
Razib Iqbal, CSC / Laura Rios, PAMS / Paul Durham, BIO / TBD, EGR

CNAS Budget Committee

Charge –The committee must meet in early September to determine members to send to executive (1 faculty) and academic affairs (2 faculty and dean) committees. The committee follows recommendations from the executive budget committee for the year as well as any recommendations from the AA budget committee. Review college budgets and make recommendations to dean and AA budget committee for reallocations, incentive programs and new initiatives. The deans are responsible for leading that process in a manner that serves the students, faculty and staff of the college as well as the larger organization.

Tamera Jahnke, CNAS, Chair / Kyoungtae Kim (a/2018), CNAS / Julie Vaughan (a/2018), CNAS
Adam Wanekaya (e/2018), CHM / Bryan Breyfogle (a/2018), CHM / Day Ligon (e/2020), BIO
Rachel Rigby (a/2018), BIO / *Dan Crafts (e/2018), HL / Gary Michelfelder (e/2018), GGP
**Matthew Pierson (e/2020), EGR / Sam Brown (a/2018), MTH / **Shelby Kilmer (e/2018), MTH
Lloyd Smith (e/2019), CSC / Kartik Ghosh (e/2018), PAMS / Bob Pavlowsky (a/2018), OEWRI
STUDENT REP: Caitlin Gervich, MTH

e-elected, a-appointed, #-term in years

*Member elected to serve on executive budget committee.
**Members elected to serve on academic affairs budget committee.

CNAS Library Committee

Charge – Communicate with CNAS Library Committee Representative and use funds allocated to CNAS appropriately. Communicate with CNAS faculty and staff regarding library initiatives.

Richard Belshoff, MTH, Chair / Gary Meints, CHM / Jamil Saquer, CSC / Laszlo Kovacs, BIO
Yoshimasa Kageyama, HL / Bob Patterson, PAMS / Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, EGR
Rajinder Jutla/Kevin Mickus, GGP

CNAS Student Leadership Board Committee

Charge – Board meets with the dean and/or associate dean to provide feedback regarding CNAS strategic plan. Top priorities are student engagement and student success.

BIO: Miranda Keller, Maddy Steinlen
CHM: Deborah Ehie, Montana Zitnak, Michael Guile
CSC: Nicholas Delamora, Seth Tucker
GGP: Jameelah Rodriguez, Brooke Benz, Bennett Conway
HL: Kasey Eberth
MTH: Rebecca Crow, Caleb Marshall, Ellen Hunter
PAMS: Cynthia Morales, Christopher Robledo, Christopher Klenke
EGR: Tia Clemens

CNAS Student Scholarship Committee

Charge – Review applications for student scholarships in the college and select award winners. All award winners must be selected by May 1 of each year so that the college can recognize the award winners at a reception in the fall. Reports to the dean annually.

Paul Durham, BIO, Chair / Gary Meints, CHM / Hui Liu, CSC / Kevin Evans, GGP
Jokima Hiller, HL / Kanghui Guo, MTH / Matt Pierson, EGR / Bob Patterson, PAMS

College Personnel/Sabbatical Review/College Compensation Committee

This committee will serve as the personnel committee, the sabbatical review committee, and the college compensation committee. 1) Advice will be given to the dean in regard to promotion/tenure decisions. 2) Consider applications for sabbaticals, prepare short lists of strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations to the dean. 3) Committee reviews PSIP applications. Evaluations and recommendations are forwarded to the dean. 4) Reviews department compensation/evaluation plans if we ever use these in the future. A subcommittee will help the dean to determine cut points in the matrix and will be involved in the college appeal process. This committee would also evaluate any appeals related to the compensation/evaluation plans. The committee reports on compensation/evaluation decisions regularly during the spring semester if the compensation plan is used.

Lloyd Smith, CSC / Melissa Dallas, HL / Nick Gerasimchuk, CHM, Chair / Cameron Wickham, MTH
Charles Rovey, GGP / Chris Barnhart, BIO / Kartik Ghosh, PAMS

Diversity Committee

Charge - Review CNAS Diversity website annually. Plan and propose activities/events for the year with a proposal to the dean for funding. Monitor professional development and other opportunities related to diversity and inclusion to be included in CNAS NEWS for all to attend.

Adam Wanekaya, CHM / Ryan Udan, BIO, Co-Chair / Steven Senger, MTH, Co-Chair/Secretary
Theresa Odun-Ayo, EGR / Ron Malega, GGP / Jokima Hiller, HL
Paula Kemp, MTH / Nandita Nag, PAMS / Tony Clark, CSC

Student representatives

James "Wesley" Welch, GGP / Aiden Martin, MTH

Equipment Repair/Service Committee

Charge – Makes recommendations to the dean regarding the equipment repair and service budget within CNAS. Reports to the dean quarterly.

Robert Mayanovic, PAMS, Chair / Erich Steinle, CHM / Anita Liu, CSC / Xiaomin Qiu, GGP
Wajeana White, HL / Michelle Bowe, BIO / Rohit Dua, EGR / Craig Baird, CNAS Staff

Instructional Technology Committee

Charge – Reviews all IT SCUF proposals and makes recommendations to the dean. Committee may also review college-wide software purchases for faculty or student use.

John Heywood, BIO, Chair / Brian High, CHM / Lloyd Smith, CSC / Xiaomin Qiu, GGP
Yoshimasa Kageyama, HL / Matt Wright, MTH / Shyang Huang, PAMS
Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, EGR / Mike Murphy, CNAS IT Staff / Ken McCrory, CNAS IT Staff

MNAS Committee

Charge – Recruit, admit and monitor progress of graduate students in MNAS program. Distribute assistantships to graduate students in CNAS MNAS program. Continue to work on PSM action plan. Work with Career Services to place PSM students in internships. Develop a routine schedule/action plan for MNAS and PSM programs. Committee reports quarterly to CNAS heads and the dean.

Erich Steinle, CHM, Chair / Lloyd Smith, CSC
Doug Gouzie (FA17) / Gary Michelfelder (SP18), GGP
Xingping Sun, MTH / Ridwan Sakidja, PAMS
Kyoungtae Kim, BIO and ex officio

Scholastic Appeals Committee

Charge – Meets with students who have been suspended to make a recommendation to the associate dean regarding readmission and advice. Meets three times each year.

Emmett Redd, PAMS, Chair / Reza Herati, CHM / Razib Iqbal, CSC / Judy Meyer, GGP
Abbe Ehlers, HL / Brian Greene, BIO / Carolyn Shand-Hawkins, MTH
Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, EGR / Xiaomin Qiu, ex officio

Student Recruitment Committee

Charge – Insure participation of the college in university recruitment events by communicating to department to coordinate volunteers for recruitment events. It is not the job of committee members to recruit students - that is everyone's responsibility. Committee may make recommendations to the dean regarding enhancements to recruitment. Reports to the dean each semester.

Matt Pierson, EGR, Chair / Gary Meints, CHM / Tony Clark, CSC / Stephanie Cockrell, HL
Linnea Iantria, GGP / Mike Reed, PAMS / Les Reid, MTH / Angela Plank, BIO
Xiaomin Qiu, ex officio

CNAS STEM K-12 Education Committee

Charge - All issues related to education in CNAS need to go through this committee. Complete the conversion of the BSED programs in science to new certification program by December of 2017. Chair must report to the dean monthly regarding due dates and action plans.

Tammy Jahnke, CNAS / Bryan Breyfogle, CHM / Gautam Bhattacharyya, CHM
Jill Black, GGP / Adam Harbaugh, MTH / Bill Bray, MTH
Evan Frodermann, PAMS / Becky Baker, PAMS / Dave Cornelison, PAMS
Kurt Killion, MTH / Patrick Sullivan, MTH / Gay Ragan, MTH
Erica Cox, BIO, co-Chair / Gigi Saunders, BIO, co-Chair
Janice Greene, BIO / Alicia Mathis, BIO

College Council

Gigi Saunders, BIO, Chair, 2018 / Matthew Siebert, CHM, 2019 / Mark Rogers, MTH, 2018
Emmett Redd, PAMS, 2018 / Albert Barreda, HL, 2019 / Matt McKay, GGP, 2019
Tony Clark, CSC, 2019
Xiaomin Qiu, ex officio / David Szepatowski, CNAS Adm Asst

CNAS Faculty Senate representatives

John Heywood, BIO, 2019 / Mark Richter, CHM, 2018 / Yang Wang, CSC, 2018
Xiaomin Qiu, GGP, 2018 / Dan Crafts, HL, 2019 / Cameron Wickham, MTH, 2019
Ridwan Sakidja, PAMS, 2019

CNAS Grad Council representatives

Kyoungtae Kim, BIO, 2018 / Alan Schick, CHM, 2018 / Vera Stanojevic, MTH, 2019
Gay Ragan, MSED, 2018 / Kartik Ghosh, PAMS, 2018 / Razib Iqbal, CSC, 2019
Albert Barreda, HL, 2018 / Doug Gouzie, GGP, 2018 / Erich Steinle, MNAS, 2019
Melissa Dallas, HL (MPS), 2018  / Lloyd Smith, CSC (MNAS), 2019