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The College of Natural and Applied Sciences incorporates seven departments and one cooperative program in conjunction with University of Missouri Science and Technology, and is home to a number of outreach and research centers. We seek to improve success rates in the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through outreach activities and engaged learning. Whether in a laboratory or observatory setting, the world is the CNAS classroom.

Secondary science teacher education preparation programs updated in spring 2019

In 1905, Missouri State was founded as Normal School #4, one of five established for higher education learning in Missouri. Over 100 years later, the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS) at Missouri State University (MSU) is excited to continue that long legacy of training high school teachers in four sciences and mathematics. (No changes were made to the Math BSEd.)

In keeping with national trends, we have updated our four science education programs. A full-time student can complete a teacher preparation program at MSU in five years and will not only earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, but also a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

Together the BS and MAT will prepare you for teacher certification/licensure in the state of Missouri. Becoming a high school science teacher requires three steps:

  1. Earn a BS from CNAS in one of the sciences - biology, chemistry, geology/earth science or physics.
  2. Earn a MAT from the College of Education.
  3. Receive certification/licensure in the state of Missouri to teach high school science.

CNAS is the place to make your MISSOURI STATEment, so come join us in inspiring and molding the minds of the next generation of young people!

Contact GGP instructor, Melanie Carden-Jessen, at 417-836-3231 for more information.

*Specific graduation plans will be posted soon.*

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