Accelerated Master's

Giving you options to accelerate your education

The accelerated MNAS will have you on the fast track to advancing your career.

Accelerated Master's Degree option

Eligible Missouri State University students in a major in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences may apply for preliminary acceptance into the Master of Natural and Applied Science program after admission requirements for the accelerated master’s option have been satisfied. If accepted, graduate courses chosen from approved 600-level courses or higher may be counted toward both the graduate and undergraduate degrees, with a maximum of 12 credit hours. This option offers an opportunity for CNAS majors whose goals, academic capabilities, and career planning include graduate work, to complete the requirements for the master’s degree in less time than would otherwise be possible. Contact the MNAS Program Director for further information and guidelines.

All requirements for the implemented undergraduate program should be met for graduation from the undergraduate degree program. A student may fully be admitted to the Graduate College upon completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree. All requirements for the implemented master’s program should be met for graduation from the master’s degree program.

A student must be admitted into the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program at Missouri State University in order to begin taking graduate course work for dual credit. Admission requires approval from the Graduate Program Advisor, Department Head of the undergraduate program, and the Dean of the Graduate College. Students admitted into the Accelerated Master’s Degree program will not be fully admitted into the Graduate College until completion of their undergraduate degree and fulfillment of all other requirements for admission to the Graduate College (such as the Graduate Record Examination). Student should be awarded the bachelor's degree upon completion of the minimum of 120 hours of combined graduate and undergraduate course work and degree specific requirements.

Admission Requirements for the Accelerated Master’s option

  1. Junior standing and a GPA 3.25 or better.
  2. A supportive recommendation from the student’s undergraduate advisor.
  3. Acceptance of applicant by a graduate faculty member who agrees to serve as the student’s graduate mentor.