Facilities and Resources

Providing you with multiple resources

Multi-million dollar laboratories are located all over campus; all equipment is state-of-the-art and ready for your use as you work toward your degree in the Master of Natural and Applied Sciences program.

Depending on the emphasis areas you choose, you may have classes in several different buildings on campus. The University works hard to update the buildings on campus with the necessary technology while also offering unique features to set it apart from other universities. As a student in the MNAS program, you will have access to multiple laboratories, classrooms, study areas and the equipment you need to succeed in the program. Faculty members are instrumental in helping you prepare for laboratory work and for employment in professional laboratories. You will also gain research experience that can build your résumé and prepare you well for your professional career after graduation.

Student doing various things in the Natural and Applied Sciences

Additional research resources

Research resources and opportunities are available to students in the MNAS program through many venues on and off campus:

Expand your knowledge through experiences 

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