MNAS Coordinators

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Dr. Tiglet Besara

Assistant Professor
MNAS Coordinator of Physics, Astronomy, and Material Science

Experimental condensed matter physics and materials science; single crystal growth; x-ray diffraction and crystallography; magnetism.

Dr. Kyoungtae Kim

Departmental research and professional interests: Mechanisms of endocytic pathway, intracellular trafficking of proteins and membranes, membrane organization, nanomaterial traffic, and nanomaterial-mediated global gene expression pattern changes.

Dr. Christopher Lupfer

Immunology, Infectious Disease, Protein Interactions

Dr. Lloyd A. Smith

Dr. Lloyd A. Smith

Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science; MNAS Coordinator of Computer Science

Departmental research and professional interests: Algorithm designs and analysis, bioinformatics, computer games, data mining, digital image processing, graphics, machine learning, programming languages, theory of computation and speech recognition

Dr. Xingping Sun

Departmental research and professional interests: Mathematical Analysis and Computational Artificial Intelligence