Student Success Office


The Student Success Office (SSO) opened in spring 2019 with the main goal of assisting CNAS departments in their initiatives and efforts to improve student recruitment, enrollment, retention and success. CNAS advisors at the SSO work with prospective, current and transfer CNAS students and they assist with recruitment events, proactive advising, SOAR, social gatherings and other CNAS initiatives toward student success.

CNAS Academic Advisors

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CNAS Student Ambassadors

They are student leaders who help our academic advisors in their student success initiatives. They play a crucial role in helping CNAS students getting connected, finding the right resources, and getting them engaged in activities organized by the college.



Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

  • CNAS Trivia Night
  • CNAS Ice Cream Advising Social 
  • Springfield Public Schools Regional Fair 
  • Fall Showcase 
  • BINGO Night with CNAS