Facilities, Outreach and Research

Geography professor Dr. Melida Gutierrez and a graduate student collect soil samples from an Ozarks stream.

Explore your places for hands-on research.

Academic buildings

CNAS has five on-campus buildings, plus other facilities and research centers around the area.

Review facility equipment and instrumentation

Our main home: Roy Blunt Hall (former name: Temple Hall)

Temple Hall

910 S. John Q Hammons Pkwy Springfield, MO 65897.

Office Location
Biology department TEMP 258
Chemistry and biochemistry department TEMP 423
Dean’s office, College of Natural and Applied Sciences TEMP 142
Geography, geology and planning department TEMP 337

LOCATE BLUNT HALL (TEMPLE) Read: MSU renames Temple Hall to Roy Blunt Hall

Cheek Hall

Cheek Hall

825 S. National Ave Springfield, MO 65897

Office Location
Mathematics department CHEK 10M
Computer science department CHEK 203C

Locate Check Hall

Kemper Hall

Kemper Hall

921 S. John Q Hammons Pkwy Springfield, MO 65897

Office Location
Physics, astronomy and materials science department KEMP 101

Locate Kemper Hall

Kings Street Annex

Kings Street Annex

801 S. Kings Ave Springfield, MO 65897

Office Location
Biology department

Various classrooms, offices and labs


KGSX 311

Locate Kings Street Annex

Plaster Free Enterprise Center

Plaster Free Enterprise Center

405 N. Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65897

Office Location
Cooperative engineering program

PCTR 2002 or 2021

Locate Plaster Free Enterprise Center 


Other facilities and research centers

Experience science to the fullest, beyond the traditional classroom.

Baker Observatory

Explore the stars and the wonders of space.

Bull Shoals Field Station

Immerse yourself in Ozarks wildlife and ecosystems.

Missouri State student looking at a computer monitor in a classroom while others look over their shoulder.

Access on-campus computer labs for your academic or research needs.

Jordan Valley Innovation Center

A downtown hub for research and new technologies.

Prioritizing your safety

Due to the nature of research and experimentation, CNAS is greatly concerned with safety for our students, faculty and staff.

Visit the Environmental Management site to learn more about safety policies and procedures at Missouri State.

Celebrate your research

When you publish an article or book, or present your work at a conference, contact UniversityCommunications@MissouriState.edu or submit news to spread the word about your accomplishment.

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