CNAS Undergraduate Research Day

Key details

Date: May 3, 2018, 1-5 p.m. at Plaster Student Union.

  • Open to public:
    • Faculty and staff awards, noon-1 p.m., PSU East Ballroom
    • Poster presentations, 1-2:45 p.m., PSU West Ballroom
    • Speaker and student awards, 3 p.m., PSU West Ballroom
  • Presenters and judges only:
    • Judging, noon-1 p.m., PSU West Ballroom

About the event

Posters will be judged and awards will be given.

One hundred dollars (first place) and $50 (second place) for each CNAS department and the cooperative engineering program.

Awards ceremony and a guest speaker begins at 3 p.m.

This event highlights undergraduate research in:

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Geography, geology and planning
  • Hospitality leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Physics, astronomy and materials science
  • Engineering (cooperative program)

The deadline for abstract submission has passed. If you're presenting at the event, review poster and abstract instructions.

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2017 Winners

Biology student Katy Gardner, biology department head Dr. Alicia Mathis, and biology student Kenzie Medley.

(l to r) Katy, Dr. Mathis, Kenzie

Biology: Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

1st Place: Kenzie Medley

“When territorial salamanders cheat: A test of the dear enemy phenomenon in southern red-backed salamanders”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Alicia Mathis

2nd Place: Katy Gardner

Response to conspecific alarm cues by ambystoma salamander larvae

Faculty advisor: Dr. Alicia Mathis

Biology professor Dr. Christopher Lupfer, biology students Abbigale Mabary and Jared Smothers, and biology professor Dr. Kyoungtae Kim

(l to r) Dr. Lupfer, Abbe, Jared, Dr. Kim 

Biology: Cellular, Microbiology and Genetics

1st Place: Abbigale Mabary

“Generation of yeast 2-hybrid clones to examine the role of nucleotide oligomerization and binding domain (nod)-like receptors”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Christopher Lupfer

2nd Place: Jared Smothers

“Dynamic dynamin interacts with the tether garp”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Kyoungtae Kim

 Chemistry students Brennon Foster, Katee Moore, Amber Zurliene and chemistry professor Dr. Keiichi Yoshimatsu

(l to r) Brennon, Katee, Amber, Dr. Yoshimatsu


1st Place: Amber Zurliene, Katee Moore, Kendra Larsen

“Recombinant expression of Pfu DNA polymerase in E. coli”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Keiichi Yoshimatsu  

2nd Place: Brennon Foster

“Trafficking of fluorescently labeled g-wire DNA in human cervical cancer cells”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Katye Fichter

Left to right: Computer science students Radeeb Bashir, Robert Norton, Ryan Jenkins, Jeff Dale, Andrew Byrd, computer science professor Dr. Razib Iqbal, and computer science students Mark Godsy, Jiangfeng Pian, Tara Walton, Brent Eaves and Roman Wisdom.

 (l to r) Radeeb, Robert, Ryan, Jeff, Andrew, Dr. Iqbal, Mark, Jiangfeng, Tara, Brent, Roman

Computer Science

1st Place: Jeff Dale, Radeeb Bashir, Robert Norton, Jiangfeng Pian, Roman Wisdom

“Automated insect detection and identification system”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Razib Iqbal  

2nd Place: Mark Godsy, Ryan Jenkins, Andrew Byrd, Derek Hockett, Matthew Addler, Brent Eaves, Tara Walton

“Multimedia data visualization using Google Cardboard”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Razib Iqbal

Engineering students Carter Knuckles, Alex Cook, Chris Eakins, T.J. Orlandi, engineering professor Dr. Rohit Dua, and engineering students Calvin Roebuck and David Vernier.

 (l to r) Carter, Alex, Christopher, T.J., Dr. Dua, Calvin, David,


1st Place: Alex Cook, Calvin Roebuck, Carter Knuckles

“Deconstructed switch mode power supply”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Rohit Dua

2nd Place: Chris Eakins, T.J. Orlandi, David Vernier


Faculty advisor: Dr. Rohit Dua

Geography, geology and planning student Josh Hess and professor Dr. Robert Pavlowsky

(l to r) Josh, Dr. Pavlowsky

Geography, Geology, and Planning

1st Place: Brad Dishman

“Conodont extraction and biostratigraphic analysis at Cedar Gap, Missouri”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Charles Rovey

2nd Place: Josh Hess

“Mangrove threats and conservation in Galleon Fish Sanctuary, south coast Jamaica”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Robert Pavlowsky

Hospitality leadership students Alec Shlater, Carly Sherman, Zachary Stonecipher and professor Dr. Dan Crafts.

(l to r) Alec, Carly, Zachary, Dr. Crafts


Hospitality Leadership

1st Place: Rebecca Rice, Carly Sherman, Alec Shlater, Morgan Schuette, Zachary Stonecipher

“Sustainable construction in the lodging industry”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Dan Crafts

2nd Place: Julia Bliss, Rachel Bower, Abbey Brinkley, Zach Bruckerhoff, Hannah Chu

“Drop by drop: The price of water in the U.S. hotel industry”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Dan Crafts

Mathematics students Daniel Ayasse and Adam Somers.

(l to r) Daniel, Adam


1st Place: Adam Somers

“An investigation of 2-distance sets in two, three, and four dimensions”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Les Reid  

2nd Place: Daniel Ayasse

“Improving efficiency and reliability of Twitter data”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Matthew Wright

Physics, astronomy, and materials science professor Dr. Ridwan Sakidja, students Jesse A. Underwood, Ryan Hall and PAMS professor Dr. Peter Plavchan.

(l to r) Dr. Sakidja, Jesse, Ryan, Dr. Plavchan

Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science

1st Place: Ryan Hall

“Micronerva: Guiding techniques for an automated telescope array”

Faculty advisor: Dr. Peter Plavchan

2nd Place: Jesse A. Underwood

“Computational investigations of hydrous aluminosilicate melts”

Faculty advisors: Dr. Robert Mayanovic and Dr. Ridwan Sakidja