Meet the Team

Current Scholars

  • Cami Carpenter, Biology major
  • Valeria Panduro, Biology major
  • Sydney Schneickert, Mathmatics major
  • Autumn Reid, Biology major
  • Laney Bishop, Chemistry & Biochemistry major
  • Virginia Steck, Computer Science major
  • Jayden Essex, Mechanical Engineering
  • Peyton Honorowski, Physics major

Faculty Mentors

  • Ajay Katangur – Principal Investigator (PI), CSC Department Head
  • Lloyd Smith – Co-PI, CSC faculty
  • Jorge Rebaza – Co-PI, MTH faculty, Associate Dean
  • Kelly Wood – Co-PI, Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Department Heads of BIO, CHM, ENGR, MTH, PAMS
    Senior Personnel
  • Michelle Olsen – Co-PI, Director of Institutional Research
  • Chelsey Giles – Co-PI, Financial Aid Reporting Analyst
  • Abby Templer Rodrigues, Sociology faculty

Graduate Mentors

  • Khalid Hasan, CSC Graduate Student

Advisory Board

  • Rachel Anderson,  Executive Director, efactory
  • Nancy Gordon, Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Thomas Hutchison, Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Husch Blackwell, Kansas City
  • Juan Meraz, Assistant Vice President and Special Assistant for Enrollment Management and Services
  • Matt Pierson, PI of previous NSF S-STEM grant
  • Bart Tibbs, Assistant Director of Admissions - Transfer and Outreach Recruitment